M-A-M Pricelist Pečky

Permanent make-up

Eyebrows Magic Shading CZK 4,500
Eyebrows Ombre CZK 4,500
Eyebrows Hairstrokes CZK 5,000
Lips – Aquarelle lips CZK 4,500
Lips – Superbright lips (lipstick effect), Glamour lips, 3D lips, 5D lips, Fullshading lips CZK 5,000
Upper eyeliner – soft, in lashes CZK 3,000
Upper eyeliner – dramatic, Magic Eyes CZK 3,500
Upper eyeliner – shaded CZK 4,500
Lower eyeliner – as addition to all upper lines CZK 1,500
Second PMU application – between the 4th and 6th week CZK 1,500
Pigment recovery within 2 years – 20% of the current price
Pigment recovery after 2 or more years – 10% of the current price

Mini Body Tattoo

The price depends on the size from CZK 2,000

Permanent make-up - Areola

3D micropigmentation of areola CZK 8,000
Second PMU application (max. within 6 weeks from the first PMU application) CZK 1,500


Scalp Micro Pigmentation SMP according to the tattooed area from 5,000 to 50,000 CZK
Additional sessions according to the tattooed area from CZK 2,000 to 10,000
(For optimal results, 3 applications of SMP are performed. The whole procedure takes a month and a half. After hair transplantation, SMP is performed for better optical unification after one year). The final price will be known after the consultation.)

Cover up - corrections, overlap of poorly executed PMU from another studio

Consultation is necessary from CZK 6,500 to 10.000
every other application CZK 1,500

PMU removal

PMU removal – eyebrows, lips – 1st application CZK 4,000
PMU removal – eyebrows, lips – 2nd application CZK 3,000
PMU removal – eyebrows, lips – additional applications CZK 1,500
PMU removal – eyeliner – 1st application CZK 3,000
PMU removal – eyeliner – 2nd application CZK 2,000
PMU removal – eyeliner – additional applications CZK 1,500
(The price of the first application includes a set of special products for skin regeneration after PMU removal)

Other services

Vein removal from CZK 1,500
Removal of pigment spots – depending on the size from CZK 500
Lash Lift Botox (extended eyelash effect) CZK 1,500