Decorative and corrective permanent make-up

Permanent make-up helps you to highlight your natural beauty. You can feel beautiful always and everywhere.

Why to choose permanent make-up

You will always feel beautiful with permanent make-up. The aim of permanent make-up is not to completely replace the dramatic make-up, but to underline the natural look and your natural beauty.

PMU can be used to adjust the shape, color and overall modeling of eyebrows, lips or eyeliners, excellent results are also achieved in aesthetic corrections, e.g. hare lip defects, hair loss due to alopecia, post mastectomy and subsequent breast modeling, covering scars and vitiligo.


How it works?

  • free consultation
  • drawing of eyebrows, shaping
  • applying the anesthetic to the skin, the application will be more pleasant for you
  • choosing a color that we will apply to your skin and recommendation of the right shade
  • application of PMU, during which the anesthetic and control in the mirror will be applied
  • instructions on how to take care of a new PMU at home
  • the whole procedure takes about two hours

What is the lifespan of permanent makeup?

Permanent make-up will last from one to three years, longer time for hair. Here, many factors matter.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, which is constantly working. Durability is also influenced by skin age and skin type, elasticity, smoking, use of medications (especially hormonal), antibiotics, frequency of sunbathing, pregnancy and others.


perennial make-up can be performed from the fourth week after any vaccination

Permanent make-up techniques


shading of eyebrows with a soft shade (powder)

eyebrow microblading

Combined method of microblading and magic shading

fade shading using multiple shades


a gentle technique of faded natural lips

juicy looking lips (lipstick effect)

fine technique, 2 shades

more shades, light and shadow effect

Eye lines:

Permanent upper eyelid make-up in the lashes:
the effect of naked makeup

Permanent upper eyelid make-up:
classic technique without shading

Magic eyes:
dramatic eyeliner without shading

Shadow eyeliner:
classic technique with fine or dramatic effect


Other techniques:

  • camouflage of scars and other defects on the skin
  • burn marks
  • hare lip defect
  • loosening of scars
  • micropigmentation of the areolas and nipples

The aim of permanent make-up is not to completely replace the dramatic make-up, but to underline the natural look and your natural beauty.

You will always feel beautiful with permanent make-up.


perennial make-up can be performed from the fourth week after any vaccination

What happens to the skin after PMU application?
Immediately after the procedure and for the first two days, the color of the PMU will be much darker than in the final result. The pigment mixed with tissue fluid (lymph) and blood will give a dark colour in the scrapings. The scabs will last up to a week, then they will start to peel off. After they fall off spontaneously, the final shape appears. The resulting colour will take up to one month to stabilise. Due to the lymphatic and immune systems, up to 30-50% of the pigment may be lost. Clients suffering from high blood pressure, thyroid disease and the like may also experience a higher loss.

The final result is also influenced by consistent adherence to PMU recommendation.

For PMU, which is performed for the first time on completely intact, clean skin, it is always necessary to perform a second phase (correction) 4-8 weeks after the first application. In the case of pigment recovery, correction is carried out only if necessary.


If excessive swelling and pain associated with fever occurs after application, contact your doctor, it may be an infection. The most common cause is not following our instructions or concealing your current medical condition!!!

How to prepare for PMU treatment
  • We recommend you wash your hair a day before the procedure so that the water does not reach the freshly tattooed area.
  • Do not smoke on the day of treatment (smoking causes greater bleeding when applying permanent make-up, making impossible to inject sufficient pigment into the skin).
  • Lymphomassages and exercise are not recommended one day before the procedure and on the day of application because it causes higher bleeding.
  • Do not drink caffeine and teine, alcohol, do not use narcotics, blood thinners (only after consulting a doctor) two days before treatment.
  • Avoid intensive tanning of the treated area a week before the procedure.
  • Do not use creams and oils on the treated area a week before the procedure.
  • Get eaten before the treatment.
  • Get your makeup removed before PMU of eyeliners. Contact lenses must be removed, so must be the false eyelashes (at least three days before application). Contact lenses must be removed and false eyelashes taken off at least three days before application.
  • Clients who are prone to cold sores should start treatment with 1 Herpesin 400 mg tablet in the morning and in the evening, or a similar medicine, two days before application.
  • If possible, plan PMU application outside the menstrual cycle to avoid increased bleeding and pain.
  • Please tell us if you are taking blood thinners or have increased bleeding.
PMU aftercare

Failure to follow these instructions may result in loss of pigment color.

The first half of success is a job well done, the other one depends on how you take care of your new PMU.

After PMU application, swelling and redness of the skin may occur, which usually disappears within 24 hours.

Due to natural oxidation, the site of the procedure will darken for 2-3 days. Due to the lymphatic and immune system, up to 30-50% of pigment may be lost.

On the first week, the upper skin layer heals, in the following days the pigment gradually settles between the skin and the second layer of skin (dermis).

For the first two hours after PMU application in the eyebrow area, it is necessary to suction the tissue fluid intensively (every 20 minutes) with a clean paper napkin as we will teach you. Then every 1 hour for the next 8 hours.

The treated area must not be exposed to water or steam for 24 hours.

Do not remove any crust for at least 7 days, let them exfoliate spontaneously.

Do not apply any makeup (powders, mascara, lipsticks, etc.) to the treatment site for 7 days, limit consumption of citrus fruits, spicy foods and hard alcohol. Avoid dusty environments.

Do not sleep on your face for the first 7 days after the procedure and avoid heavy sweating (i.e. gym workouts).

Do not visit any beauty treatments, sauna and swimming pool 14 days after the procedure.

With hair PMU do not wear caps or hats that are airtight – the application site must be dry throughout the healing process.

Do not wear tight clothing in the area where the body tattoo was performed, areola. The site will be sterilely covered for 24h.

Do not visit the sunbed for a month, do not expose the treated area to direct sunlight, use a high protection factor of 50 + SPF.

Do not use any creams on the eyebrows and eyeliner (dry healing is recommended). For other PMU application areas, apply cream according to our instructions.

Do not observe the site of the procedure, as the pigment could dissolve. Do not expose yourself to the cold and do not cover the treatment site, e.g. with a hat, mouthpiece, etc.

For PMU applied to the lip area, drink through a straw for the first 2 days, be careful with red wine, coffee, citrus fruits, toothpaste and mouthwash. Avoid oily food. Do not bite your lips. Do not kiss or perform oral sex for 7 days (possibility of infection).

After 4-6 weeks, a 2nd application of PMU is required.

Is PMU suitable for everyone?

This procedure should only be performed on healthy persons, in case of illness only with the written consent of your doctor. If you are not sure, always consult your doctor for permanent make-up.

PMU is not suitable:
  • perennial make-up can be performed from the fourth week after any vaccination
  • if you are taking blood thinners (only with the consent of your doctor),
  • if you are taking antibiotics, steroid medicines and medicines containing corticosteroids,
  • if you have topical anesthetic allergy,
  • if you have fresh botox, fillers and chemical face scrub (PMU can be applied after 1 month)
  • if you have Metacrill lip fill, PMU is not possible
  • if you have haemophilia, blood disease, hepatopathy, bleeding,
  • if you have anemia, exhaustion, respiratory infection, fever, temperature, colds, rhinitis, cough, headache, sore throat,
  • during pregnancy and lactation,
  • if you have diabetes (consent of your doctor is required),
  • if you have a skin disease (psoriasis, skin wounds, infections, ulcers and skin changes – bacteriological, mucosal, viral),
  • if you are prone to colloidal scars,
  • if you have chronic liver inflammation, hepatitis, HIV,
  • if you are treated with cancer, your doctor’s consent is required and PMU should be applied one year after the end of chemotherapy,
  • in case of elevated intraocular pressure, eye diseases (conjunctivitis, retinal detachment, etc.), after eye surgery, a 3-month interval is necessary
  • in cases of increased intraocular pressure, eye diseases (conjunctivitis, retinal detachment, etc.), a 3-month spacing is required after eye surgery,
  • if you have a cold sore, unhealed,
  • if you have a disorder of the lymphatic and venous system, infectious disease, tuberculosis, • if you have liver, kidney disease, epilepsy,
  • if you have neurological pathology,
  • if you have heart disease, cardiopathy, heart attacks, etc.
  • if you have albinism,
  • if you have been drinking alcohol, caffeine, taking narcotics (these substances cause increased bleeding during the procedure) 24 hours before treatment,
  • in the case of other serious conditions after surgery or other serious illnesses.

Please follow these guidelines for best results

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