Our Team

We are a professional medical team specialized in decorative(eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, hair, alopecia, beauty signs, freckles…)and corrective (aureola, harelips, burns camouflage, vitiligo disguising…) permanent makeup.

Happy and satisfied clients are our greatest reward.

We look forward to seeing you in several beauty parlors in the Czech Republic and in Florida.

Nella Petrová

I am a nurse originally, I graduated in 1989. I worked in surgery, ICU, plastic surgery, neurology and eye clinic. In 2008 I completed a retraining course for cosmetic services and makeup artist – I can do all make-up styles, including the one for film. In the same year I opened a beauty salon. Since 2011 I have been working with doctors in the form of presentations at dermatological conferences.

Jana Holoubková

I am a nurse originally. In 1995 I graduated as the “Rehabilitation Worker” and in 2007 I completed my postgraduate studies in Brno in the field of “Nursing in Internal Medicine”. I have been doing cosmetic care in the world of permanent makeup for years. At the time of maternity leave I realize that I would like to focus on this field as an expert. Over the years, I have completed the necessary training, and every year I attend several learning courses and workshops which allow me to get better in the latest techniques and in the news that the world of permanent makeup brings. In my work, I respect health protection and for this reason, in principle, I only work with certified material.
I share my precious time with my family and my work that I enjoy.

Alena Vaz Santos

I lived in Brazil for several years where I worked as a beautician. There I also got acquainted with permanent makeup. In 2015, after returning to the Czech Republic, I opened my own beauty salon in Pečky near Kolín, where I work as a beautician and permanent make-up artist. Now I am studying the postgraduate medical assistant.

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